Brew Hunter presents MASTERY

 BREW HUNTER returns to bid farewell to London's fabled Backstreet Club 

(BAR OF THE YEAR X Awards 2022) before it closes its doors

for the very last time, with his two unmissable Fetish final events there. 

With his signature floggers and cigar, Brew will be welcoming regulars

and newcomers alike, hosting (a) his hugely popular SMOKEHOUSE event -

doubling up with a celebratory 'BACKSTREET - BAR OF THE YEAR 2022'

(X Awards Darklands) PARTY, and (b) his infamous 'Sex, SMoke & Submission'

night, MASTERY - both magnets for the hottest and horniest Leather

& Rubber Fetish Men and boys around - Brew's events regularly pack out

Backstreet's bar, smoke yard and darkest corners.

Brew Hunter has rocked the capital’s Male-on-Male fetish scene with his

hardcore Sex, SMoke and Submission events,  which are now recognised world-wide

as ultimate destination events  for heavy-playing LeatherMen, Cigar Daddys

Doms, BDSM Masters, Sirs and slaves, subs, bois, pigs, pups, gimps -

Cigar Master Brew Hunter has seen it all!

(And remember - tight, sweaty, sexy and sleazy RUBBER is also always welcomed

 at Brew's events, as well as Leather - be it boots/jock/vest/harness/full Langlitz. 

So - come geared and/or collared, cuffed, gagged or chained!!) 


Brew Hunter's SMOKEHOUSE 

(celebrating BACKSTREET 'BAR OF THE YEAR 2022')

Saturday 25th June 2022 @ The Backstreet, London E3

10pm - 3am . £15/£10

Strict Dress Code: Leather/Rubber Only


Brew Hunter's MASTERY

Saturday 2nd July 2022 @ The Backstreet, London E3

10pm - 3am . £15/£10

Strict Dress Code: Leather / Rubber Only


MASTERY recently celebrated EIGHT HARDCORE YEARS at The Backstreet:









THE BACKSTREET is 3 minute walk from MILE END Underground Tube Station! 

(Turn left out of station/turn first left onto Eric Street/turn first right into Wentworth Mews. Backstreet entrance is the black door on the right, ahead.) 

MILE END Station is situated on the CENTRAL and DISTRICT lines, 

which both run through London.



Brew Hunter is always delighted to welcome PETE WESCO - Award-winning International Bootblack - to the Brew Hunter London Events. International Bootblack Pete ensures all you boot aficionados have your footwear shined to the highest quality! (Remember it is custom to tip your bootblack.)

(previous event)


London's first major Leather event, as the city slowly opened up once again, was BREW HUNTER's LEATHER WEEKEND - with a packed club of Leather and Rubber men celebrating Brew's infamous MASTERY 

(7th Birthday) night - with Doms, Cigar Daddys, slaves, subs and gimps! The cigar yard teemed with Smokers and their admiring bois and ashtrays, whilst plenty of cruise action, flogging and play was non-stop in the sling and dark corners!

N.B!! ...Things to remember when visiting The Backstreet:


**Entry, cloakroom and bar are CASH ONLY, so come prepared!

**Nearest cashpoint is at Mile End (Central Line) station (2 mins)

**THE NIGHT TUBE (usually) RUNS ON THE CENTRAL (Mile End Station)

& VICTORIA LINES (strikes permitting!) 

Please check your routes before setting off...

A Brew Hunter



The Mindset Of Mastery

Brew's LEATHER WEEKEND included an afternoon event at London's Bishopsgate Institute, with a Masteryclass and Q&A in the power and possibilities of BDSM dominance, control and authority between Masters/ slaves, Doms/subs and Dads/ bois. Brew discussed the history of service, submission and slavery in the Leather Scene, with its relevance and reality today.


Brew's LEATHER WEEKEND afternoon, LEATHER P*RN, was hosted at London's BISHOPSGATE INSTITUTE, including an exhibition of Nude & Fetish portraits by International Fetish artist ORPHEUS MEN ART, a hands-on display of retro/vintage Leather Magazines and posters from the Institute's world-renowned LQBTQ Archive, plus a Meet, Greet & Demo by FETISH DADDY - London's fastest-growing sex- and body-positive queer Fetish brand.

Brew Hunter's 'LEATHER P*RN' 

LEATHER WEEKEND Afternoon Event 

was at


The Bishopsgate Institute holds the Special Collections and Archives of the UK Leather and Fetish Archives, a national collection documenting the history and heritage of fetish, kink and BDSM in the UK, one of the most extensive collections on LGBTQ+ history, politics and culture in the UK, covering the late nineteenth century onward. The collections also encompass LGBTQ+ history politics and culture, with archives from Stonewall, Switchboard, GMFA/The Gay Men's Health Charity, Outrage! and material relating to the Terrence Higgins Trust, Achilles Heel and QX magazines. The Institute holds a library of around 10,000 LGBTQ+ titles, from academic works, biographies, fiction and poetry to pulp fiction, along with over 700 journal titles from around the world. The LGBTQ+ Pamphlet Collection contains around 1,500 items including programmes for festivals and events, material from campaigning organisations and catalogues, as well as featuring extensive ephemera such as club flyers, 

t-shirts, banners and badges, as well as organisational papers, flyers, journals, pamphlets, books and artefacts.


included an incredible hands-on opportunity to view the amazing retro & vintage Leather magazines and posters from the world-famous LGBTQ Leather/Fetish Archive, plus a RIDE WITH ME #tomoffinlandmovie Photo Opportunity with a larger-than-life-size TOM OF FINLAND cut-out!


DJ/Producer & Promoter

Tech house DJ/Producer phenomenon M.Arana (USA) and Fetish club legend Brew Hunter (UK) have been collaborators for the best part of a decade. M.Arana’s epic dark beats have been central to Brew Hunter’s MASTERY club nights since its genesis. Brew Hunter's Dom vocals feature on M.Arana’s recent eighth full length studio album, MASTERY: The Album, drawing you in to the two men's unique universe of ultimate transformation. 

MASTERY: The Album represents a new sound pairing of DJ/Producer M.Arana's underworld with Brew Hunter's dynamic command. Together they break new ground, fusing the principles and power of the classic Leather Scene with hypnotic, advancing loops that pull you into a dark-edged and unpredictable new space. Brew Hunter raises the bar with his magnetic, real and controlled commands. The experience is spellbinding, with a distinctive atmosphere and style that refuses to release you. 

MASTERY: The Album disposes of all the rules with a continuous construction that delves deep into complex themes of Domination, Protocol and Submission, and locks them down onto the intoxicating sounds of M.Arana. A future classic that will become the soundtrack of the Fetish Club Scene, the dungeon ...and beyond...

Check out RECON's ongoing series of Brew Hunter articles and MASTERYCLASSES focusing on Sex, Fetish, Protocol, Male Sexuality and Domination:


'sub/Dom, slave/Master, boy/Dad' =

(2)‘TOTEM & TABOO’ :

‘An Origin of Fetish and Leather’ Article





The Mindset Of Mastery'

USA DJ/Producer

M.Arana presents


The Album

featuring BREW HUNTER



'... Brew Hunter reignited the London Leather scene with his night MASTERY! It's the one and only London night that recreates the sleazy style, the vibe and the attitude of the classic leather bars and clubs and the definitive days of the leather scene ...

MASTERY has become a hard-playing and high-protocol event for guys into 'Men, S/Moke & Submission' that attracts a staunch, hardcore and loyal crowd of UK and International Leather Men, bikers, bois, pups, cubs and rubber players ... a steamy, smoky, heavy, raunchy affair ... a hardcore fetish night not to be missed!' 


'...A great night - still floating down from the high;

Brew Hunter really has hit the mark with MASTERY...'

PLEASE contact MASTERY if you require any further information.

('CONTACT' in menu)

"A huge success ... This is exactly the sort of event London has been crying out for for ages. Huge respect ..."

"I just wanted to say that MASTERY is f**king amazing ... fantastic ... I'll now be there regularly! Cracking!"

"An event we have all wanted for years ..."

"Count me in! I'm a MASTERY convert!"

"It doesn't get better than this..!"

Check out BREW HUNTER's interviews with QXMEN & DIRTYBOYZ :

GO TO 'Interviews' ON MENU

LEATHER MEN & Rubber players / Tops / Masters / bikers / bois / subs / pups / cubs...


@ The Backstreet

Wentworth Mews

London E3

Facebook: Dom.Brew.Hunter

Twitter: @MasteryMen

'... Brew Hunter reignited the London Leather scene with his night Mastery! It's the one and only London night that recreates the sleazy style, the vibe and the attitude of the classic leather bars and clubs and the definitive days of the leather scene ... Mastery has become a hard-playing and high-protocol event for guys into 'Men, S/Moke & Submission' that attracts a staunch, hardcore and loyal crowd of UK and International Leather Men, bikers, bois, pups, cubs and rubber players ... a steamy, smoky, heavy, raunchy affair ... a hardcore fetish night not to be missed!' (QX magazine)

'... Top London Leather Man Brew Hunter returned to The Backstreet, London’s longest-running and original men-only Leather club to present another hard-playing, horned-up, smoky, relentless man sex-filled evening of MASTERY:BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! … MASTERY events at The Backstreet create the vibe and vigour of the definitive days of the classic Leather clubs, and attract the most hardcore Leather men and their bois, together with a big crowd of horny rubber players, bikers, pups and cubs … hot and heavy sounds specially created for the night by top USA DJ/Producer M.Arana, the MASTERY Bootshine Boy, Ashtrays, Cigar Daddies and hungry gimps … busy, dark, intense and sweaty with wall-to-wall Leather men and fetish pigs!' (QX MEN)

"A SPECIAL cruising night of leather studs and Masters, cigar Daddies, muscle men, bois, gimps, subs, pups, K9s and handlers at MASTERY London at the Backstreet club. Brew Hunter's passionate belief in the leather and fetish community always shines through at these infamous events which, in Brew's words "recreate the heady days of the classic leather clubs with the attitude of the definitive crusing days of the leather and SM scene". This was just that, and more, to create a true fellowship of the British Leather scene." (BOYZ MAGAZINE)

'...These events are hot. Be there!'

'... Gotta say, one of the best nights I have ever attended ... Well worth the trip.

Great crowd, great play, great SMoke ...'

'...There's a buzz about the night ... just what the Scene needs. A night built on

the Old Values ... true Sirs/Masters/subs/pups - everyone ...'

...We are going! Its reputation precedes it!'

'... Another now-fabled Mastery event ... If leather, smoke, and submission are your

thing, then this is one of the best opportunities available ... get yourselves to the

event if you can. These nights are good ...'

'...A great night. We're both reeling from it! London Leather Fetish reignited!!'

'...An awesome night at London's serious Leather and Rubber Fetish night, Mastery!

This night rocks! Fave bit: Leather boi on his knees with a cigar ashtray gag - one to

go please! Thank you, Brew Hunter, for bringing it together.'

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MASTERY and other events!

The Backstreet SMoking Yard

Tom of Finland @ The Backstreet

Taking place at London's infamous Backstreet, MASTERY is is a steamy, smoky, heavy, raunchy SM based night where like-minded Leather and Rubber men, Masters, bois, bikers, subs, cubs and K9s can meet and play at London's longest-running (30 years+) and world-famous Fetish Club.

With a staunch, hardcore and loyal following, MASTERY is THE one and only night that re-lives the classic Leather Clubs and attitude of the definitive days of the Leather Scene. It's a HEAVY-play, HIGH-protocol, NO-holds-barred event with a great SMokers' area, packed with hot and horny Cigar Masters, Hunks and Daddys - Men and their bois, from the 'Old Guard' to the 'Vanguard', where the only rules are that all MASTERY MEN observe the Strictest Dress Code (Classic LEATHER & RUBBER ONLY!) ... and play HARD!

Doors open 10pm - 3am, with changing and cloakroom facilities. Taxis, Uber and Public Transport available, including the NIGHT TUBE (- please check before your journey - STRIKES may happen)! For your convenience, you can find a list of nearby East London hotels with easy access to the centre of the city on the menu above.